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With hectic schedules and competing demands for their time, it is not surprising that 90 percent of potential home-buyers take their first look at a home not from the curb, but while sitting in front of their computers. Now more than ever, on-line real estate marketing is essential to capturing the attention of today’s home-buyers and quality photography is the key to motivating them to schedule an appointment for a personal showing.

While smartphones and digital cameras are able to generate convenient images, Arne Loren Photography takes real estate photography to the next level. Years of architectural photography experience combined with specialty optics, state of the art editing techniques, the ability to enhance and optimize images, means that Arne Loren Photography is the best choice for you real estate marketing needs.

Selecting Arne Loren Photography ensures expertise in the technical and creative aspects of photography, but also incalculable customer service. We can ensure the experience for agent and client alike is professional, easy and profitable.

Scheduling is easy. Fill out the form on the last page of this document and e-mail or fax it per the instructions and we will take it from there. 


Google Business View FAQ


+ How long does it take to get the photographs taken?

Our workflow is designed to be able to respond "fast" to your request for photography. For the specialized nature of this work, we need to meet at your business to walk-through the shoot. This type of photography is very unique and the methods and procedure are very dialed-in. The process is seldom an issue and does not require any special arrangements by the business owner. It is not uncommon to have the images taken within 48 hours of initial contact!

+ How will I receive my photographs?

This part is as simple as it gets for the business owner. You don't have to do anything to receive your photographs. Once the photography is completed, we do the needed editing, stitching all of the images together for the 360 degree panorama walk thorugh. We hand the completed images off to Google and they load them into their system and make them available to world to come take a walk through your business. You can link or imbed the images into your web site if you desire. Share the new images on your choice of social media to spread the word if you want. Use the images and share them to your hearts desire. We take care of all of the handoff.

+ What can I do to make the shoot more successful?

On our web site, there is a tab named Google Business View Checklist. This is a list of many of the things that the photographer is looking for or will be doing during the shoot. There is no magic sauce needed. It's just a practical list to help you be prepared.

+ How many photographs will be included?

When we do the pre-shoot walk through, we will discuss each and every shoot position for the panorama photographs. During this time we can answer any questions and work to accommodate your needs for "showing off" your business. When that meeting is complete, you will know exactly what to expect.

+ How long will the photographer be in my business?

This will vary depending on how many images need to be taken. A smaller business with a smaller number of images to be taken could be just one hour total. Larger businesses with more photography needed can take two to three hours. We will work around your schedule and your customers. We understand that you need to take care of business and will do all that we can to accommodate your staff and your customers.

+ Does the owner have to be there when the images are taken?

The owner is welcome to be present when the images are taken but it is not a requirement. Simply informing your staff of the shoot asking for their cooperation should be sufficient. The nature of the 360 degree panorama photographs makes it impossible for anyone other then the photographer to be at the actual camera position but if you desire to be present when the images are captured, that is fine with us.

+ Why do I need a professional photographer. Can’t I just use my own camera or have a friend do this for me?

This is a highly specialized process that requires very specific procedures and equipment. Google hand picks photographers to train for this work and have to become certified before they can offer this work. There is no other avenue for businesses to have Google Business View photography provided except for utilizing a certified photographer like us!

+ What are the up front costs and the monthly fees?

Here is one of the areas where this program really shines. You pay an up front cost for the photography to be done. This is a one time fee, paid directly to the photographer prior to or the day of the shoot. When we do the walk-through of the business, we can quote the exact price for the photography at that time. Unlike typical photography, the photographer does not retain the copyright to the images. The ownership of the images belongs to you! Google will post the images of your business to be viewed by the world through Google Maps, your Google+ page and through Google searches. There are no monthly or annual fees! You want to link or imbed the virtual tour in your web site? Go for it! Again, there are no fees for this. You pay the one time fee only for the photography and that's it!

+ Will there be other images taken beside the panoramas?

Absolutely. We also take still photographs we call Point of Interest photographs. This would include things such as your menu (if you are a restaurant), special awards, business hours, products and/or services, special displays, hours of operation, methods of payment, etc. These are also included in the Google Business View, along with the panorama images. Again, all included in the initial shoot cost and no other fees for their use.