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With hectic schedules and competing demands for their time, it is not surprising that 90 percent of potential home-buyers take their first look at a home not from the curb, but while sitting in front of their computers. Now more than ever, on-line real estate marketing is essential to capturing the attention of today’s home-buyers and quality photography is the key to motivating them to schedule an appointment for a personal showing.

While smartphones and digital cameras are able to generate convenient images, Arne Loren Photography takes real estate photography to the next level. Years of architectural photography experience combined with specialty optics, state of the art editing techniques, the ability to enhance and optimize images, means that Arne Loren Photography is the best choice for you real estate marketing needs.

Selecting Arne Loren Photography ensures expertise in the technical and creative aspects of photography, but also incalculable customer service. We can ensure the experience for agent and client alike is professional, easy and profitable.

Scheduling is easy. Fill out the form on the last page of this document and e-mail or fax it per the instructions and we will take it from there. 


Commercial Photography FAQ


+ How far in advance do I need to schedule?

Much of scheduling comes down to what you need in photography. For example if you need a dynamic exterior of a building, taken at sunset for that transparent feel, we need to work around the weather. What photographers call the "magic hour" at sunset is actually about five minutes. Our typical response time is very quick. If you are ready for a shoot immediately, so are we!

+ How does a copyright release work?

In simple terms, the creator of the image holds the copyright. The use is then licensed to the purchaser or business. For example you need the dynamic exterior listed above for use on your web site and in a brochure. We "release" the copyright for you to use the image as described for as long as you need it. We retain the right to use the image for internal promotion and advertising (like using it on our web site to show off your beautiful building). You are not free to sell the image to, for example, to Sunset Magazine or National Geographic. If they want the image for the cover of their next months edition, they need to talk with us. We can negotiate or arrange for any need you have. Candidly, images of your business or products are really only valuable to you so copyright is seldom an issue.

+ What can I do to make the shoot more successful?

On our web site, there is a tab named Commercial Shoot Checklist. This is a list of many of the things that the photographer is looking for or will be doing during the shoot. There is really nothing magic in this list. Just a practical walk-through for you to make sure everything is in order.

+ How many photographs will I be receiving?

It is almost impossible to give a specific number as each job has different requirements and expectations. For example, we just had a client request a building exterior for advertising. We visited the building a couple of times to see how the light and shadows played off the structure. We took a number of reconnaissance photos, did no retouching or editing but used those to sit down with the client to review the angles and lighting and to determine their needs and expectations. One particular angle was "just perfect" for their needs. We waited for them to complete some landscaping and for the right weather and light to complete the job. In that case they received just the one image. When needs cannot be as "dialed-in" we shoot a wide variety to make sure we have the clients needs taken care of.

+ How long will the shoot take?

This would be a similar answer to how many photographs are taken. If a business owner needed a new photograph of his remodeled lobby and had everything prepared prior to the photographer arriving, we could be in and out of the building in 30 minutes. An elaborate kitchen interior with staging and models could take several hours. We work at asking a lot of questions and helping the business owner be as ready as possible to minimize the time taken for the imagery. There is a balance however. The more time we are allowed, the more and higher quality we can produce.

+ Do I need to be there when the images are taken?

This is a tougher one to call. When the client is present, we can show the images as they are taken on a high resolution iPad screen to allow immediate feedback and approval. The flip side of this is that this takes additional time which typically equates to a higher cost. We are always open to having the client present and participating in the process. Sometimes it is a great help, other times it can be distracting and limit the creative flow. It all depends on the nature and subject matter being photographed. We are always open to discussion to accommodate the clients needs in this matter.

+ Why do I need a professional photographer. Can’t I just use my own camera?

A business owner can certainly use their own camera in the same way you can decide to repair your new car. Without the right and special tools though, it may not provide the results you desire. We have specialized cameras, lenses and custom tools made just for Commercial Photography. Also, the taking of the photographs is just the first step. For every hour of photography, there is two hours of editing, retouching and enhancing the images with specialty computer programs.

+ There are lots of photographers out there. Why hire Arne Loren Photography?

Typically when someone wants a photographer, they contact a local photography studio, which is happy to come do the work, among their scheduling of family portraits, seniors, newborns and weddings. We specialize in commercial photography as our only focus. Our training, equipment and expertise is directed to make you more profitable. It's like the difference between a general auto mechanic and a specialty shop that only does high performance German automobiles.

+ Do I have to pay in advance? How are payments handled?

Once we sit and discuss your specific needs, we prepare a quote for the photography services. Once this quote is approved, the business will be invoiced for the services we will be performing. A deposit of 50% of the quote is due prior to the photography being done. The balance of the approved quote needs to be satisfied before the images are delivered. Our work is 100% guaranteed. If we have made an error in understanding direction, we will reshoot at no charge to make it right.
All of our billing is done on-line. You can pay by check, cash or get some air miles and pay on-line with your debit or credit card. Your choice!