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With hectic schedules and competing demands for their time, it is not surprising that 90 percent of potential home-buyers take their first look at a home not from the curb, but while sitting in front of their computers. Now more than ever, on-line real estate marketing is essential to capturing the attention of today’s home-buyers and quality photography is the key to motivating them to schedule an appointment for a personal showing.

While smartphones and digital cameras are able to generate convenient images, Arne Loren Photography takes real estate photography to the next level. Years of architectural photography experience combined with specialty optics, state of the art editing techniques, the ability to enhance and optimize images, means that Arne Loren Photography is the best choice for you real estate marketing needs.

Selecting Arne Loren Photography ensures expertise in the technical and creative aspects of photography, but also incalculable customer service. We can ensure the experience for agent and client alike is professional, easy and profitable.

Scheduling is easy. Fill out the form on the last page of this document and e-mail or fax it per the instructions and we will take it from there. 


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Pricing and Services

Pricing and Services


Standard photography package $140.00  *                 

  • Front and backyard images
  • Views of interior rooms, some rooms like living room, dining room and kitchen may have multiple views
  • Color and exposure balancing (blending of interior and exterior lighting)
  • We will supply 25 web ready dynamic images to our Agent Portal in two versions.  One is optimized for the MLS and one 300 dpi high resolution for any print media you require.  You get both of each image.  


Enhanced photography package $185.00  * 

  • A total of 36 dynamic images provided.  If you require more images, see the Enhancement pricing below.
  • Elevated exterior view if needed.  See examples at right.
  • Two sets of images.  An MLS web enhanced version and a 300 dpi High Resolution set for print material.  Take and use one or both.  All wrapped up in a Zip file for easy downloading.
  •  We produce a slideshow in both a "branded" and "unbranded" version for MLS compliance (click the red link above).   We will include your company logo as well as your head-shot and contact information.   Provide us with the paragraph of marketing copy you use for the MLS and we will include that in the slideshow as well.   If you have a YouTube channel or other social media, we will provide you with a link.  
  • Views of the neighborhood and key surrounding areas or features if you choose.
  • ALL OF THESE PREMIUM UPGRADES FOR ONLY $45.00 MORE!  This is an exceptional value.
*  Please Note:  The above packages are based on a typical home (however that is tough to describe) in the local area.  Luxury homes, larger homes, homes with detached guest houses, ranches with multiple out buildings, etc. require more time and images which increases the cost of photography.   We have no issue with traveling to your property but if you are significantly beyond the local area there would be some additional mileage expense.            You would likely know if you have one of those "special" homes that will require more work.  Simply contact us to discuss the details. 

Seasonal Split   

Sometimes you need the exterior images taken before the summer or fall foliage disappears or before the snow flies but the home is not ready for interior photography.  To accommodate this growing need we offer splitting the exterior and interior photography.   We shoot and deliver the exterior images, which you pay for and download.  When you are ready for the interior photography, call us and we will schedule just the interior work.  The combined pricing is a bit higher when combined as this requires more than one trip to the home but it gives you the flexibility often needed due to scheduling and weather issues.   


  • Exterior only package includes three frontal images and three backyard images:  $75.00

  • Basic interior package of 20 images:  $95.00

  • Enhanced interior package of 30 images:  $130.00


Optional Sunset Images       $75.00

What Photographers call the "Magic Hour" is the small window of time in the evening when the sun goes down and the lighting inside the home matches the outside.  This creates a transparent emotional feel to the home.  This one image can set your listing apart.   

  • Weather dependent
  • Ask for more information and to see if this is a good option for your home.
  • Offered in addition to one of the above packages. 


Additional Images       $60.00 per 10 images

We believe that quality trumps quantity in the story of a home.   We are not trying to document every closet, wall and space within a home but to communicate the feel and emotion of a space.  On occasion a home will need more images due to size or additional features like out-buildings, special recreational area like swimming pools, spas and saunas.  For those special times we can take as many images as requested.  Remember its not just the set-up time for the image and the taking but also the "magic" we perform in post-processing to bring the images to life.


Exterior Refreshing $50.00 or $75.00

Sometimes you just need to refresh the frontal view of a home, whether due to nicer weather, new landscaping a fresh coat of paint or improved curb appeal.  The frontal view is the first image a prospective purchaser sees in the MLS and thereby is the most important.  If you already have your interior images and just need to bring a fresh look to the MLS, choose this option.  We will supply three images of the frontal view of the home.  If you need the entire exterior, both front and backyard, we will supply three to four frontal images and three to four backyard images for $75.00.  We provide both fast loading MLS jpegs as well as high resolution files for any print media.


Matterport 3D imaging

We are excited to be the first photography studio in the area to offer Matterport 3D imaging (click red text for an example). This is the latest generation of virtual tours where we photographically map the interior of a home that not only allows a person to "walk through" the home on their computer but to view the home from above in a Floor Plan view as well as a Doll House view where you view the home from above but at a side view so you can see how all of the spaces in the home interact with each other.  There is currently no other product on the market that gives you this much impact.   If you want a second opinion, check out this article from March 2016 in the Wall Street Journal.

Pricing is $75.00 to schedule us for the shoot, then the home is priced at $0.07 per square foot.  So a 2000 SF home would be $75.00 plus $140.00.  Now the good news.  If you are scheduling us to shoot the still images at the same time in one of the two top packages above, we waive the $75.00 scheduling fee as we will already be there photographing the home.  Pretty cool.  Here's a link to check out a home that has the Matterport 3D option, with a tour, extra images and aerial views as well.










Street level view.  See below for enhanced elevated view.

Street level view.  See below for enhanced elevated view.

Enhanced elevated view.  More home, less driveway.

Enhanced elevated view.  More home, less driveway.

An example of a Sunset Image.  It brings out a completely different feel to the home.

An example of a Sunset Image.  It brings out a completely different feel to the home.

Example of a Sunset Image that brings out the "glow" of the home.

Example of a Sunset Image that brings out the "glow" of the home.

Sometimes you want additional images so you can feature special items, like the spiral staircase in this home.

Sometimes you want additional images so you can feature special items, like the spiral staircase in this home.