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With hectic schedules and competing demands for their time, it is not surprising that 90 percent of potential home-buyers take their first look at a home not from the curb, but while sitting in front of their computers. Now more than ever, on-line real estate marketing is essential to capturing the attention of today’s home-buyers and quality photography is the key to motivating them to schedule an appointment for a personal showing.

While smartphones and digital cameras are able to generate convenient images, Arne Loren Photography takes real estate photography to the next level. Years of architectural photography experience combined with specialty optics, state of the art editing techniques, the ability to enhance and optimize images, means that Arne Loren Photography is the best choice for you real estate marketing needs.

Selecting Arne Loren Photography ensures expertise in the technical and creative aspects of photography, but also incalculable customer service. We can ensure the experience for agent and client alike is professional, easy and profitable.

Scheduling is easy. Fill out the form on the last page of this document and e-mail or fax it per the instructions and we will take it from there. 


Schedule a Shoot

Thank you for deciding to have us photograph a home/property for you.  Our service will exceed your expectations.  To provide this high level of service, there is certain information we need so we can contact, plan and photograph, edit and deliver great images to you.  Please provide the information below in as much detail as you can.  Okay, let's start with some homeowner information:

Yes, we need the city, state and zip. We work in both Idaho and Washington and many street names are duplicated between cities.
How would you like scheduling to be done? *
The needs for each listing are different. You can be totally hands off and we will take care of everything or you can be totally involved.
This would be the first person you would want us to communicate with regarding any questions or scheduling.
Sometimes we are unable to reach the primary person listed above so a spouse listed here is helpful.
We use email for communicating scheduling, updates on weather, etc. It is almost more important than a phone number.
We don't want to miss any rooms like a hidden half bath off the garage so this is like a check list for us.
Give us what you can. It's good to know if it is a 1500 SF rancher on a corner lot or a 3600 SF farmhouse sitting on five acres.
Yes, we need this information. It's good to know if there is a Doberman waiting to "surprise us" in the back yard.
For example: don't shoot the garage interior, great water feature in back yard, unique kitchen sink faucet so please get a detail close-up, husband works night shift so no contact before noon, etc.
Pretty straight forward. List your first & last name and your brokerage/agency.
Sometimes questions come up and we need to have numbers to contact you. When on-site the day of a shoot, your email alone is just not enough if we have questions.
Do you have an assistant or a team member? If we need you and can't get in touch, this additional contact can really help.
Sometimes we have to send something in the mail, like tax forms or maybe a Starbucks Gift Card. List wherever you would like mail to go.
Services Requested *
If you are scheduling a shoot we assume that you have looked over our pricing page. Now it's time to let us know your needs for this home. Select which ever services you would like us to provide and we will get working on supplying great marketing images for you. For all still images taken, we provide an MLS Optimized version and a High Resolution Image for print advertising. You get both for the one price. Payment is made on-line when your edited photographs are downloaded for your use.
Edited photographs needed by:
Edited photographs needed by:
It's helpful for us to know your deadlines. If you promised the listing to the MLS within two days for example, we need to know that. If you don't plan on listing this for two weeks, it will help us in our scheduling to know this as well.
Copyright and Payment information *
Sorry but we have to take care of some practical business here. We need you to read, understand and agree to the copyright and payment information listed here. It is really straight forward. We retain the copyright on every image and video we shoot. When the photography and editing is completed, we place those images on our agent download web portal. Here you can review the images and make sure you are receiving what you needed and expected. If so, you make your payment for the photography on-line. At that point you are instantly emailed a link for you to download your images. You are now licensed to use the images as you need for marketing, like the MLS, your web site, Real Estate publications, etc. You are not allowed by copyright laws to sell or give the images to other people, companies, agents or brokerages. You are licensed to use but do not own the images.